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Learn To Love It!

by Cass Carnaby

Rich Justice 03:29
Forgive Me 03:36
Perfect Man 03:09
Don't Say 04:28
Bat Slamming 01:34


Formed out of the ashes of Bristol band Blue Riverside, members Sean Parry, Neil Garland and Pat Evans recruited Phil Elvins and Andy Baker in July 1986 to form The Cass Carnaby Five, a name taken from a puppet band on an episode of Thunderbirds.

They soon set about writing a set of original songs about sex, love, drinking, 60’s TV superheroes and what was going on in their lives, rapidly picking up a large loyal fan base that followed them everywhere over the next three years.

The band underwent various member changes during that time and a streamlining of their name, but the music remained the same. Loud, in your face Punk R&B, with always outrageous front man Neil Garland a cross between Steve Marriott and Johnny Rotten. They appealed to Scooter Boys, Mods and Garage Rock fans.

Over the time they were together Cass Carnaby gigged heavily all over the UK, recorded 28 studio tracks but only released one well-received 45 single, ‘Captain Scarlet’.

Here on this (Special Limited Edition) CD album is a selection of those wonderful and never heard before tracks. Whenever the band wrote songs or had to make decisions they weren’t sure about, drummer Pat Evans would simply shout - ‘Learn to Love It!’ and so you have it!


ARTIST: Cass Carnaby
TITLE: “Learn to Love It!”
RELEASE DATE: 9th October 2020
LABEL: Bristol Archive Records
GENRE: Mod, Punk, Garage Rock, Scooter Boy
DISTRIBUTION: Shellshock via Proper
BARCODE: 5052571088524


released October 9, 2020

Track 9 - Recorded at MVW Studios Sept 1986
Engineered and mixed by Pete Watson.
Line Up: Neil Garland-Vocals/ Phil Elvins-Lead Gtr/ Sean Parry-Rhythm Gtr/ Andy Baker-Bass Gtr/ Pat Evans-Drums

Tracks 1 & 13 - Recorded at SAM Studios March 1987. Engineered and Produced by Sooty and Rich Yalland.
Line Up: As Track 9.

Track 8 & 5 - Recorded at Kangaroo Studios Dec 1987. Engineered and Produced by Phil Lowther and Simon Osbourne.
Line Up: Neil Garland-Vocals/Phil Elvins-Lead Gtr/Andy Baker-Rhythm Gtr/Jason Hitchins-Bass Gtr/Paul Foster-Drums

Tracks 3, 4, 7, 10, 11- Recorded at Bath University Dec 1988. Engineered and Produced by Phil Lowther.
Line Up: Neil Garland-Vocals/Andy Baker-Guitar/Reg Shaw-Bass/Pat Evans-Drums

Tracks 2, 6, 12 - Recorded at Kangaroo Studios April 1989. Engineered and Produced by Simon Osbourne and Phil Lowther.
Line Up: Neil Garland-Vocals/Mitch Wilson-Lead Gtr/ Andy Baker-Rhythm Gtr & Bass Gtr/Pat Evans-Drums

1. November Rain (Garland, Elvins, Parry, Baker, Evans)
2. Die Young, Stay Pretty (Baker)
3. Rich Justice (Garland, Baker, Hitchins, Evans)
4. Forgive Me (Garland, Baker)
5. Baby When I See You (Garland, Elvins, Baker)
6. Don’t Blame Me (Garland, Baker)
7. Perfect Man (Baker, Garland)
8. Don’t Say (Garland, Elvins, Baker)
9. Bat Slamming (Parry, Elvins, Baker, Evans)
10. Sexual Stranger (Garland, Baker, Shaw, Evans)
11. Don’t Let Us Down (Shaw, Baker)
12. Watch Yourself (Garland, Wilson, Baker)
13. Captain Scarlet (Parry, Baker)

All tracks published by Archive Publishing Ltd
All songs owned by Cass Carnaby and licenced to Bristol Archive Records

Photo credits unknown – copyright remains with the original photographers and thanks for their great works.

Mastered and digitally restored by Steve Street 2020

Thanks to many.

(P)&© Bristol Archive Records 2020

Bristol Boys Make More Noise! – Mike Darby


all rights reserved



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